Serenity Now!

My name is Emily and I'm a ginger.

I actually can’t believe how inconsiderate and rude my neighbor/only “friend” here is to me. When she had a bf for a month they would stay up till at least 3 am every night screaming and laughing and being obnoxious. I asked her to be quieter many times by knocking on the wall like she told me to do…but no change. And now today she left her alarm on in her room with the door locked. This has happened three times now. Even when Ryan was here (someone I don’t see as often) I made sure that we were respectfully quiet no matter what..out of consideration for her. I’m so pissed off

I’m extra proud of hockeyfan94 because did something really courageous and amazing today :)  :) :) He’s such a great person and I want everyone to know.