Serenity Now!

I think this is the first time I’ve genuinely felt like a terrible person

If you steal/ sell/ buy/ look at/ spread any photo of a person that they did not give consent for you to sell/buy/look at/ spread I hope you actually rot in hell. 

These are screenshots OF screenshots of the 325 pictures I took yesterday over 13 hours of rehearsals and the performance. My character was the daughter of the family who was taking selfies and texting through most of the scene. I also actually texted my friend Kate from the stage :)

Update: Thanks to a text from the lovely goddess angel that is Cece I was able to get out of bed, walk to the registrar’s office, get a new ID (they agreed to not charge me $40 for it!!!), and pick up my prescription. And I bought myself a bag of salt & vinegar chips and a pepsi on the way back because treat yoself. 

I’m having a rough time today. I’m getting overwhelming feelings of dread and basically paralysis. Like I have a few things I need to do today (get a new ID card, pick up my medicine, go to a meeting for playfest) but I can’t make myself get out of bed. I’m seriously getting sick just thinking about trying to do those errands. Fuck. I hope I can Skype with da friends tonight since I guess everyone is hanging out. I need to look forward to that possibility just like I would if I were home and could hang out in person